Top grossing

Just seen today, 26/9 at 16:40, Scrivener is no. 8 in the top grossing list on the UK Mac App Store.

Great news. Well done KB and everyone.



Wow. That’s great. KB seems to get the market. Let’s just hope he doesn’t up and retire.

For the record, the title of your thread had me wondering “what has Vic-k done now?”

Interesting. I happened to notice that yesterday it was #11 on the Canadian App store. Oddly today it’s down to #23.

I’ve never paid much attention to the app store before, I take it these are daily or weekly charts (or something) and not overall cumulative?

#21 in the US. That surprised me. I figured it was too sophisticated for most of us hicks.

Nice, thanks for pointing it out! We’re fortunate in that we do pretty well from the App Store, despite very little promotion from Apple and Scrivener’s reputation for being quite complicated. We only very rarely make it into the top 10, though, so that’s nice. :slight_smile: