Top of the page rejecting italics. Help?

Hi there,

I’m trying to compile my first book into an ePub format on Scrivener for Windows and I’ve run into a bit of an odd problem. There is one section, a few paragraphs, that is written all in italics due to being a “flashback”. However, when I compile it to ePub, some of the italics disappear. Namely, in any paragraph that spills over onto the next page, the part that ends up on the next page will be in regular font and then the italics will resume in the next paragraph. I’ve tried both checking and unchecking the “overwrite text formatting” box as well as checking and unchecking the “as is” box for that section in the content window. Nothing seems to help! Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance,

It sounds more likely to be a problem with whatever you are using to display the ePub, I would try a few other readers (Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre and Sigil, not so much for proofing, but for checking the layout and code simultaneously). A good way to see if it is a display bug in your reader is to adjust the font size enough so that the paragraph that was hanging between pages no longer is. If it displays with italics, then it’s almost certainly a bug with the reader and probably should be reported to them.