Total account for all part at the time of writing

Good morning!

I want use Scrivener to write articles. I want split them on the part and on app at the time of writing see total characters count progress. It is possible set to all parts total progress view in window? I don’t want see total count by clicking keyboard shourtcut (project statistics), but when I’m typing I want see how change my total count progress (characters). How setup this?

I got 10 000 character target. I split on two part A and part B. I write in part A 6000 characters and in part B I write 2000 characters and when I start typing in new parts like parc C I see total 8000+ characters.

I’m begginer so my deepest sorries. I try via Google and looking for post in forum, but I can’t find any solution. At the time of writing this words I found only two solution:

  1. Count each part using Project > Project statistics
  2. Split target value to smaller parts and set target for each of them.

Both options are not comfortable for me. When I’m working about 10 000 characters text I want split text on block to easy move them up and down and get final result in order which I want after research. Pressing Ctrl+. for that small amount is text is not what I want.

How setup app to get what I want? Is is a possible? I use trial version on Windows

I found solion - not hide window with progress and it work like I want to! Only my wish here is dock it in some place in GUI for future.