Total Draft Word Count?

Dumb question, but I have an excuse! I just bought my first Mac last Thursday, so I’m new to the operating program and to Scrivener!

I love the outline feature, especially the way it shows word count for each document as well as total word count for folders. I’m wondering, though: is there a way to show the total word count for the entire Draft folder (i.e., for the entire manuscript)?

I’ve considered nesting the entire manuscript in another folder within Draft, but I don’t like that idea very much. It seems clunky, and I think it may cause problems when I compile.

I’m sure I’ll have more obvious questions as I continue to mess around with the program, so I thank you in advance for putting up with me!


Welcome aboard! Thanks for trying out Scrivener on your new Mac. :slight_smile:

There’s no way of showing the total Draft word count in the outliner, but you can show it using either Project > Project Statistics or Project > Project Targets.

Hope that helps!

All the best,