Total word count including synopsis and notes?

Is there any way to count total number of words in a project, including notes and synopsis? I would like to track the progress of my outlining and for this I mostly work in notes and synopsis,

I noticed there is an option “Exclude comments and annotations” in “Selection Statistics Options” which one can untick but this does not affect notes and synopsis.

One trick to be aware of is that the “Compiled” tab in the Statistics panel can be literal in that it will count the text that actually compiles. In most new projects, this will usually mean only the text (and maybe some of the binder titles) are counted, but you can easily adjust your compile settings to work on just about any kind of data you use. Here’s a first-time setup checklist:

  1. Open File ▸ Compile… and from the left sidebar, select the “Outline Document” Format. This won’t do everything you are asking for out of the box, but it is a good starting point.
  2. Next, click the Assign Section Layouts… button below the central preview column. You’ll most likely just want to select everything in the left column where Types are listed, and assign them all to the “Title and Synopsis” layout. Click OK to save your settings.
  3. Now to modify this a bit to include more of what you want: double-click the preview tile in the central column to edit this Format and jump to the layout’s settings within the format design tool. You’ll be asked to duplicate a copy, and here you can give it a better name, like “Full Word Count”.

If this is a consistent approach to how you want to count progress, you would benefit from saving this new Format to “My Formats”, which will make it globally accessible to all projects. Thus, from this point on unless you change your protocol for what gets counted, all you’ll need to do is follow the first two steps in this checklist, only of course selecting your modified Format instead of the stock “Outline Document”.

  1. In the main layout listing, check off any of the boxes you want to include in the count. This may include text, notes and so forth.
  2. You’ll note that by default different types of information get a subheading. That’s well and good for printing this out, but for greater accuracy you don’t want to add two or three words per section. So click on the gear button in the very top-right corner of this panel, and disable Insert subtitles between text elements.
  3. You may not need it right now, but there is a technique worth keeping in mind, before we save this:

[list=1][*] Click on the “Title Options” tab in the lower half.

  1. In the Title Suffix field, press return to start a new line, and then type in “<$custom:fieldName>”. If you have custom metadata that contains long form notes that you’d like to count as well, this is how you would do it.
  2. There are other placeholders you can use in here as well. For example if you consider keywording to be significant to the count, you could add the “<$keywords>” placeholder. A full listing of these is found in the Help menu, under “List of All Placeholders…”.
    ] This is probably all you need to do here. If you were making this for the purposes of printing, you’d probably want to spend a little time cleaning up the formatting, but as we only want this for the stats, it really doesn’t matter what it looks like. So click Save.[/:m]
    ] Your preview tile will update to show the expanded text now being included in the output (were you to compile it). Hold down the Option key and click the Save button.[/:m]
    ] Call up the Statistics panel again, and in the “Compiled” tab, ensure the counting mode is set to “Accurate (Slower)”, next to the OK button. This will cause Scrivener to run a background compile whenever you pull up the panel. The faster counting mode does not take into account the many compile settings that might impact the end count. Unless you included Text in your stats layout, the result may drop significantly at this point.[/*:m][/list:o]

Now that will always count the entire Draft (and only the Draft), so here is one last trick, if you’re looking to combine the ability to select items and then count those items alone, with all of the above technique:

  1. Enter File ▸ Compile…, and on the right side of the compile overview area, note the “compile” group dropdown at the top of the list. Change that to “Current Selection”.
  2. Hold down Option and click Save.
  3. Now in Statistics, be sure to enable the Count current compile group only setting, in the “Options” tab.

And now the “Compiled” tab becomes selection based. For a more persistent approach, you could make use of Collections, which can also be selected as the compile group. Both of these approaches allow you to break the rules, and compile, thus tabulating statistics for, items outside of the Draft folder.