Total Word Count & Progress Tracking

Greetings and Hello!

I have what I hope is a simple question on viewing word counts for folders.

I see that using the Outliner view I can add a column for Total Word Count that displays the total number of words in each one of my chapter folders which is excellent. However, if I also add a column for Progress it shows an empty bar since you can’t set a target for a folder.

Is there any way to make it show a progress bar that represents a sum of all the text documents contained within the folder?

A separate, but somewhat related question, in the session tracking word count goal, is there a way for it to only count words typed in the compiled folder (default “Draft”) similar to how the total word count has a checkbox for that?

Thank you for your time in answering my newbie questions!

At the moment there isn’t a progress bar column that matches the Total Word Count; the progress bar is just for the individual items (which could include folders, if the folders themselves contain text; it just doesn’t add text of subdocuments like Total Word Count does). This is something that we’ll be adding in the future, along with a total target column to sum the individual targets similar to how the total word count column works.

Likewise, the project targets are limited currently to just what you see there–the session target just counts all text typed throughout the project. We’ll be overhauling this in the next major version to give more fined-tuned control over what counts to your different goals. Meanwhile, and what a lot of people do anyway (all those writers who love charts and graphs!), you could start a habit of jotting down the Draft count at the start of each session or day and then just doing some arithmetic at the end to see how much you added.