"Total Word Count", Progress...


Using the latest Scrivener for Windows Beta, the “Progress” bar never seems to show any progress, and I think I see why.

In my project, I have folders for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Each of these has chapter folders, and those have scenes. I had set some initial target word counts for each Part folder, but not for individual text files.

When I look at the project in the Outliner, the Word Count for a Part (or Chapter) is 0 (because all the text is in sub-documents), but the “Total Word Count” shows the sum of sub-document word counts correctly. However, it seems that the Progress bar is calculated using the Word count, not the Total Word Count.

I think I understand why this is - you could, of course, have text assigned to the folder itself, and have a Target for that folder itself, separate from any sub-documents. Therefore, how would you know whether to show the folder’s own Word Count as the progress, or show the Total Word Count? I’m sure that some people would want it one way, and some would want it the other way. That’s always the promise of software development: No matter which way you do something, a lot of people will hate it. :slight_smile:

So, I wonder if it might be possible to have an additional “Total Progress” column, which makes use of the Total Word Count? I’d like to be able to get a visual progress how how far along the project is (because seeing that bar slowly crawling to the right helps keep me motivated!), but that’s currently impossible unless I assign a word count target to each scene, and that seems impractical.

Also, it would be nice if the total Project Targets could be shown, perhaps at the bottom of the Outliner, since that currently shows only progress for individual items, not the overall project, which you’d have to go to the Project Targets window to see.

Anyhow, that’s just my suggestion - feel free to implement or reject at your discretion! Or, if this is already implemented in some way I just haven’t stumbled across yet (which there is a precedent for!), then by all means point me to it.


That is in fact what we will be doing: adding a “Total Progress” bar for cases where you want a collective goal instead of individual goals. There will also be a “Total Goal” field as well. We just haven’t added them yet, so your feeling that there is an implementation gap here is accurate. :slight_smile:

Cool, I’ll be looking forward to seeing that in a future beta or release! Thanks. :slight_smile: