Total Word Count While Working in a Subsection?

This is a small question: when I’m working in a subsection, is there a way to see the total top-level document word count without clicking on the top-level document?

I find myself clicking to the top-level document to find word count at the bottom of the window, then losing my place in the subsection I was working on.


In Version 2 you can press cmd-shift-t which brings up the Project > Show Targets dialog – you can leave it there while you work or just toggle it on and off when you need it. This will show the overall progress against target and also the progress against the Session Target (eg today…). There are various options which dictate how this works — they are quite flexible.

In Version 3 you can do that still, but you can also hover over the quick search bar (top middle of the screen) and it will show the overall target and today’s progress as well.