Total Word Count

I’ve always been mystified about Word Counts in Scrivener for Windows version Maybe I don’t understand the method/template to achieve what I want.

Using the below picture as reference you can see my book chapter 5 is a folder with text documents serving as sections comprising the chapter. Common setup, I assume. Why is it I cannot get a “Total Word Count” for the entire chapter? Seems like Word Count and Total Word Count are redundancies. It only took me 2 years to get that question off my back. :laughing: :laughing: 8)

You are correct in that you are misunderstanding the method. The total word count in outliner works perfectly, it is just how you set up your project that affects it. The total word count includes sub documents. If each of your documents has no sub documents the total word count will be just the same as the word count for that document. To see the total word count for a chapter using outliner you have to go up to the folder the chapters are stored in… possibly the draft.

The first screenshot is similar to yours, the total word count is the same as word count as there are no sub documents.
The second screenshot shows how to find the total word count of your chapter, you have to go up a level to the container where your chapters are stored. In this case the Draft folder. Note that the total word count shows 8 which is correct for the total word count of chapter one.

Word Count equals # of words in the doc or folder
Total Word Count equals # of words in the doc or folder + children docs and folders

If you move up one level in your outline view, so that Chapter 5 is included in the listing, I believe you’ll see that Total Word Count for the chapter will sum to the total of the children docs + the word count in the chapter itself.

If that’s not what you see, please post another screenshot that includes Chapter 5 in the outline.


Okay. Now I feel just as stupid as other times I’ve posted without thinking. :slight_smile: All this time and I never tried moving up to that level. Man I hate it when something like this takes place. Anyway, the forum served its purpose, what else is there left to say. Oh, . . . I guess there is one thing left to say . . . thanks.

No worries! 8)