Total Word Count?

How do I see the wordcount for my whole draft? I can see each section, but how do I find the compiled number? :frowning:

Thanks! Trying to get in gear for Nano!

Two ways!

The fastest way, and also a tool you’ll probably want to get familiar with as it also sports a session counter: View/Statistics/Show Project Targets. You can set goals in there, like 50k total and 1,666 per session, and as you type those progress bars will gradually fill up.

Second tool is in that same menu, under Project Statistics. This is the more accurate tool, as it has options for subtracting any inline notes you write to yourself and that sort of thing, but it takes a little longer because it has to compile the project in the background to get a good page length estimate.

That is a great help! Thank you! :smiley: