Total Wordcount and Words

I’m staring baffled at the Column view; I’ve chosen that Total Wordcount and Words should be two of the columns.
I’ve selected three documents within a project, and for each of the three, the Words and Total Wordcount give the same number of words.
What’s the difference, then?

If you choose your entire manuscript folder, and there are folders inside that with documents under them, then you’ll see the sum of the child documents in the Total Words column.

Ah, thanks - I thought it might be that, but was looking at three documents in the Research folder; never occurred to me to put them in the Draft folder for this.

The research folder should work the same way, but the documents have to be nested for there to be any children to sum up in the Total Words column. Really, anywhere that there are parent folders or documents and sub-documents under them, the total word counts column in Outline view should sum up the children’s word totals.

Maybe I was just doing it wrong; seems to be sorted now - thanks!