Totally Blank Document

Is there a way to delete the folders that can’t “move to trash” (e.g.: the "Research folder, trash and the main folder)? I want to start a new project with a completely blank slate with no pre-made folders or text documents.

Every project has those. They’re an inherent part of Scrivener. The most you can get is that they’re empty. The way to get that is to start a new project with the “blank” template.

Hope this helps!

Well, that’s annoying. I really wish there was a way to get rid of those folders. :angry:

They are not folders.

If you despise them, then maybe Scrivener not for you?

Okay, that’s not only unhelpful, but it’s silly and untrue. They are presented in the Scrivener UI as folders – folders with special purposes. They are containers for content, like user-added folders. They have special functions, like the Drafts folder. They are referred to as folders throughout the application documentation.

They’re folders. No need to gaslight the OP.

And no need to put words in the OP’s mouth either. It’s a perfectly valid question to find out if you can get rid of elements that you personally don’t use and don’t think you’re likely to use – there’s a reason why so many parts of the UI can be hidden or removed. Now that the OP knows they are part of the bare minimum components of the project, they can decide if that’s going to be clean enough for their intended use and make an informed decision on how to move forward.


As has been said above, you can’t remove those three folders, because they perform special functions necessary for Scrivener.

But you can hide them if you want. For example, if you only want to see the documents which will be compiled into the final document (ie the Chapters, Scenes, Sections etc) then highlight the Draft/Manuscript folder and select View > Outline > Hoist Binder. This will restrict the Binder to show only the documents in Draft/Manuscript, which can unclutter the view, if that’s what you’re after.

Secondly, you can rename the Draft and Research folders if you want.