Totals in Project Totals vs. Statistics?

Could someone remind me why the word total in Project Statistics and Project Targets is a little different, even when all the docs are included in the compile?

Targets counts all text in the editor and only text in the editor. Statistics for the Draft count text set to be compiled, which could include titles and exclude annotations, etc. Statistics for the selection count text in the editor but refined according to the settings in the Options tab.

Thanks. You might consider making them the same. That’s one less thing for the user to be confused about, and one less thing that you have to document.

That wouldn’t really be practical. Since other counts within the project are necessarily live and consequently limited in scope, the Draft Project Statistics are the only accurate count of what the compiled document will look like, which can be vastly different from the other counts depending on the compile settings. We’re redesigning the statistics panel to present the information more clearly, so that should remove the confusion.