Somehow this seems wrong. And nothing I do seems to update the total word count.

I’m paraphrasing the replies MimeticMouton has left elsewhere but the Total Word Count bar only totals the words in a single document. It doesn’t act as a means to total the word count for all documents selected. What you’re looking for isn’t currently included in the current release but is on the timeline for inclusion.

Total Word Count sums the count of a container and its subdocuments. If the document you’re looking at has no subdocuments, then the total word count will match the word count (as it does in the screenshot). Try selecting the “Manuscript” folder in the binder instead to load that in the outliner, then looking at the total word count column for the different folders and the documents–you’ll see that each folder has a different word count and total word count.

Okay. I think I get it. This means that you can not get a total word count for a project by looking anywhere in the “Total Word Count” Column, but only by looking in project statistics. Is this right?

Okay. I see that if I create another level of folder, and shove everything into it, I can get a project total word count even though I can’t by just looking at the Manuscript document in my first screen shot.

I thought that somewhere along the line, in an older Beta, Scrivener would give a running total within a folder, but I guess that is at least temporarily off the table. I think this was the source of my confusion.


Right on all counts, because the “Manuscript” folder doesn’t appear as an item in the outliner, it being a root level container. The running count was a bug and honestly I’m not sure it even was taking the right columns to add the count correctly. The word counts are working as they should now. You can also get a word count for a set of documents by loading them in a Scrivenings session and checking the word count in the footer.

Reluctant to start another thread for this, for it’s kind of related, but I’ve noticed that the way project words are counted is a bit weird.

I have a project with chapters. Inside the root Manuscript folder there are several folders (chapters), and inside of each folder there are several files with scenes. The strange thing is that when I call Project Statistics (btw, the preference for counting only documents marked for inclusion doesn’t stick, but I see that this bug has already been noted) the wordcount it shows is significantly higher than it’s supposed to be.

I went and unchecked each and every file in the Binder in order to get to zero wordcount and then began checking stuff again. What I found was that it seems to actually count folders? And I don’t mean chapter synopsis or any of the meta, since removing any of this doesn’t seem to influence the wordcount. Say, I have a scene inside a chapter which is 439 words long (as seen in the Outliner). When it’s the only document marked for inclusion, calling Project Statistics gives me 439 as a total number of words. When I mark the folder in which the scene sits for inclusion, it gives me 443 as a total. Removing chapter synopsis doesn’t change the wordcount. Removing the chapter title (which reads “Chapter N”) gives me 441 words as a total, so the chapter title is probably included in the wordcount. Where does it take two more words from I don’t know. :slight_smile:

Is such behaviour normal? Seeing how every document is marked for inclusion by default upon creation, the total wordcount as seen via Project Statistics seems to be a bit higher than it’s actually is.

ETA: It’s 1.0.2 right now, although the same thing is true for 1.0.1 as well.

ETA 2: Nevermind, after reading this thread I’ve found where it takes those two extra words from. :slight_smile: Apparently, I’m not supposed to title chapters by numbering them in the Binder, 'cause they’re already numbered in the Compile preferences. :smiley:

Right, sounds like you got it worked out. Project Statistics takes from your compile settings, to give you a count of what your manuscript will be when you compile it out of Scrivener, so if you have titles turned on or title prefixes, etc., these will get added. The novel template and some of the others have prefixes set by default for their compile settings, but you can always change these if you don’t want them; the about document at the top of the binder in the template will explain how to make some common adjustments.