Touch click is not working on the tool bar

A tool bar menu which has dropdown list cannot be clicked with the touch click.
It works randomly. (once of 3~5 clicks)
If I click the magic pad physically, it works. but not working properly for touch click.

Thanks for the report. That’s very strange, as the OS should not be sending any different kind of signal depending on whether you tap on the trackpad or “click it”. It is especially absurd these days, where most of their trackpads cannot even be clicked anyway, and it’s just detecting an abnormal amount of pressure and faking the sensation of a click.

We’ll take a look at it, but like I say it would surprise me if there are actually two different kinds of mouse events being sent here, that we can do anything with.

I also think this is very weird because I never experienced the miss-click issue in any other applications.
(oh…sometimes on Safari link)