Touch screen scroll gesture initially (and continuously) selects text.

Currently regular touch and drag with one finger is treated the same as click and drag with the mouse, while using two fingers will scroll in the editor and other text bodies; this excludes the binder for some reason but works in the outliner and corkboard to a certain extent.

now I do consider this as an upgrade from the previous versions, but the issue here is the initial two finger touch will be treated as two consecutive clicks and then it will switch to scrolling which can fudge things a bit at times.

in the corkboard, using two finger will scroll, but will also keep a marquee select initiated that follows on of your finger and will select anything included in it. btw this reaction is noticed only in scrivener, I didn’t run into this on browsers or other text editors (word, wordpad)

this feels like something that can be tweaked with a simple script or something, but I could be wrong. any thoughts?

the reason I noticed this is because I’m using a onemix 3s and there is no proper scroll feature if you’re not using a mouse. so I’ll be using that more frequently.

I forgot to mention that I’m using Version: Beta (594259) 64-bit - 18 Jun 2019
also, discovered that the Onemix 3s has a simulated scroll by holding fn and moving up/down on the track dot. it’s a bitt jittery unfortunately.