Touch Screen Support for Windows Version

It is frustrating not to be able to scroll using the touch screen. Touch screens are so much more intuitive than mice and so much easier to navigate. And when you go back and forth between applications that support touch screens (e.g., Word, browser etc.) and Scrivener, you have to juggle using the mouse and the screen.

I hope touch screen support is added soon!

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I have used Scrivener 1 and 3 on my Surface 3 Pro with touch screen without these difficulties. In Windows, it often comes down to how the touch device is configured. Have you ensured that your touch device is in fact configured to mimic mouse input?

Hmm. We’re talking touch screen, right? Not touch pad?

All of my other applications respond to the touch screen. Scrivener is the only one that does not (I used to use a Surface Pro now use an LG laptop with touch screen. It is setup by default. I see nothing in settings related to the touch screen.

I have the same problem. I use both Scrivener 2 and Scrivener 3 (for old and new projects, respectively) on my Windows 10 laptop. Touchscreen scrolling works with Scrivener 2 but not with Scrivener 3.

I have the same problem, but have just discovered that I can scroll by touch if I use three fingers together. I can find no settings to improve this behaviour to use just one finger as is normal for every other program.

Also the sliding functionality for the on-screen keyboard stops when using Scrivener 3 in W10 & 11. Not sure why.