Track Changes / Compare Docs (WAS: Publishers and workflow)

Yes, I used the DiffTest program with several different samples from my manuscripts. Works fine. For me the only necessary option would be the All, but academic writers might still want the clause option.

Works for me. Very cool. Well done Keith!

From my point of view this looks like a very useful development. It could be quite handy for textual analysis. For example, I have three drafts of a document dating from the First World War, and by pasting the text into this little application I can see at a glance what the authors changed from one version to the next. Fascinating.

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Martin BB.

Hopefully they wouldn’t, as “All” encompasses it. If there is a change to a clause, it will show it by clause; if the change is only to a word, it will show that, and so on - at least, that’s the idea!

Thanks all for trying. I think I’m going to incorporate this into Snapshots for 2.0 - even if it’s not perfect, it’s better than no means of comparison at all.

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Okay, another updated version:

UPDATED Text Comparison Demo

In this one there is only one button, “Compare”, but you choose which elements get broken down. After trying a few different files, I found that although for most cases comparing by all was best, occasionally it worked better if it broke things up by paragraph + word and skipping the clauses step. So “All” would be the default in Scrivener, but the user could use a pop-up button to change the settings slightly.

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