Track Changes

I have successfully imported word documents in the past and the track changes have shown up in scrivener on the right, separate from the document. For some reason, I have been unable to import a recent word document with the track changes showing. They are incorporated into the document. What am I doing wrong? I have tried importing and copying/pasting, but neither has worked properly. I can’t understand what is different from before.


Are you sure the previous instance was track changes? What it sounds like you’re talking about are comments (in Scrivener they’re called Inspector Comments… in Word, I’m not sure). They look like post-it notes.

I just double-checked the word document and the track changes were inserts not comments … so it was incorrectly entered to begin with. I just converted the inserts into comments (pain) and now it is pasting properly. Problem solved. Thanks!

BTW, is copying/pasting documents with track changes better than importing them? It didn’t seem to work when I imported the document but I might not have done it correctly.

Thanks again,

Just to be clear; Track Changes is a feature of Word that is not transferable to or from Scrivener. Scrivener has something similar called “snapshots”, which don’t work the same way as “track changes”. If we’re talking about comments, then they should import properly, but whatever works best for you, is what you “should” do. I think most people get comparable results when importing/cut & pasting.