TrackerBox (import/track ebook sales from e-stores)

Haven’t used it yet (still drafting), but this looks useful.

Can get a sense of user reaction here…,72459.0.html

Right now it’s Windows-only – the developer is working on a Mac version but says it is going slowly.

I actually bought a little Asus netbook to try it out (first time I have ever used Windows in my life, and I start with Windows 8!). TrackerBox will be extremely cool…when it gets to the Mac. You couldn’t pay me to give using Windows a second try.

A fall 2017 update… the TrackerBox creator has initiated a KickStarter project to fund development of a Mac version of TrackerBox. Modest goal of $7,500, well along to funding, deadline of November 17th 2017. For those who prefer the existing Windows version, can opt for Windows version at discounted price, to be delivered in December, via the KickStarter project and help our Mac brothers and sisters. TrackerBox runs/stores data and Amazon, etc. account info locally on one’s personal computer, rather than out on the cloud. … les-on-osx

For a sense of product history and customer satisfaction re the existing Windows version, see this thread on kboards (Writer’s Cafe) forum…,72459.0.html
and the Windows version release history

I’m not associated in any way with this, other than just having watched its history over the years. Just funded my own (Windows) copy, via the Kickstarter project. Now I just have to finish editing and get my book out :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. Yes, I’m still editing… Call me procrastinator and intimidated.