Tracking Changes, as per Word

I am new to Scrivener and need to be able to ‘track changes’ so that my colleagues can see the changes I’ve made in manuscripts that we are working on as a group. This may be the only feature of Word that I like, but can not find how to do this is Scrivener yet. My colleagues work in Word, so I will need to be able to save my versions of the manuscripts in a format that will allow them to see/accept/reject my proposed changes.

I would appreciate any help or advice someone might be able to offer.


The short answer is: you can’t. Scrivener has no such function, and the chances of it ever having such a function are as near to zero as makes no odds.

Though some people use it far beyond the initial stages, Scrivener is still first and foremost a drafting tool, designed to aid you in getting that initial draft done. It’s expected as part of the workflow that when you get to the stage of submission, or in your case editing and revision with peers, that you’ll move to a dedicated word processor such as Word or Pages.

I pass Scrivener drafts to Pages and then export files in DOC for editors who use Word. We both keep Track Changes on and are able to stay in synch during the editing process.

Antony is correct, Scrivener doesn’t perform this function, but at least two word processors do.

I do the same (Scrivener=> Pages=> export to .doc), on the rare occasions I need to show the changes I made, usually when I’m doing some copyediting for extra $. I think NeoOffice (free! and allows you to save as .doc) shows change tracking too, doesn’t it?