Tracking changes

no, not just with me doing strike through… like oh both word and pages handle it.

I know that means a Dbase from hell… but it be nice.

It would indeed be nice to have a team of programmers such as Apple and Microsoft have. :slight_smile: So no plans for this, sorry - it’s beyond the means of a single programmer with many other features to manage, I’m afraid.

All the best,

Rudimentary–perhaps even decent–support could probably be done with one of the diff libraries…but it’s probably best to not have a feature rather than to have it half-baked.

Diff is already used for snapshot comparison - you have checked out the way you can see the changes made between a snapshot and the current version of the text, right? :slight_smile:

and tracking changes (in mac) through the mode for different drafts, might be sufficient.

Let’s just say I just came across it.