Tracking Characters and Locations suggestions


I’m looking for ways I can track locations and characters please since keywords are not available yet in the iOS version. Thanks for your help.

Hi Stacey,

I’m using Win 1.9 and iOS versions, so in a similar boat as you, in that I want to track things but have to do so at the “weakest link” level, which is iOS Scriv. So keywords are out.

For tracking locations, the method I’m using is not very elegant, but it is simple, Since I’m using one document per scene, I just tag the location somewhere in the Document Notes for the scene, typically at the top.

My tagging notation for location is {LOC:PLACE_NAME}, so I end up with tags like {LOC:CASTLE} or {LOC:SUBARB_HOME} or {LOC:ABANDONED_CITY} at the top of the Doc Notes in each scene.

As I invent new locations, I also add them to a separate Locations doc in one of my non-Draft folders. This is the part that’s not so elegant as compared to Keywords. In desktop Scriv new Keywords automatically get added to the master Keyword list.

If I want to see all the scenes that took place at a specific place, then I do a project search on it. For example, a project search on {LOC:CASTLE} would list my three scenes at that location.

I don’t track characters, but I imagine you could do something similar.

Hope this helps. Maybe someone else will come along with a better idea that we can both learn from! :smiley:


Good one, JimRac. In the past I’ve put location information in the scene title, screenplay style (INT WHITACRE SITTING ROOM, DAY) and used the first line of the synopsis to list my characters.

But I started using Aeon Timeline to keep track of when things happen, so now I use keywords for characters and a custom metadata for location, and work with them on iOS via the Aeon Timeline iOS app.

I almost hate to mention AT, because it’s an expensive solution. But if you use timelining, keyword & location tracking on iOS will come along for the ride.

Aeon Timeline ( has Mac, Windows, and iOS versions available. The Mac and Windows versions sync with the Mac and Windows versions of Scrivener. AT syncs Scrivener keywords to its Tag fields, and AT will add Location custom metadata to a Scrivener project it syncs with.

The iOS apps don’t talk to each other (like most iOS apps. :wink: ) But I can split the screen on my iPad and lookup characters or locations in AT, then find the scenes in Scriv. Similarly, if I need to add a character or location to a scene, I can do that in AT and know that the Scriv project will get updated when I’m back on my laptop/desktop. Finally, if I add a new scene on iOS, I can also add an event with that title to AT, note the characters and location there, and connect the Scriv scene to the AT event the next time I sync up.

But as I said, I certainly wouldn’t recommend AT just for keyword /location tracking—only that if timeline support is of interest or you’re already doing it, here’s another benefit.

Thanks for your suggestions. I will look up Aoen Timeline as well as I use it occasionally on desktop.

Thank you for suggesting this. I have found it really helpful!