Tracking characters/locations

Hello, all!

How would one track certain characters or locations in the iOS version of Scrivener? For example, can I set up keywords, search by those keywords, and then read all documents/scenes related to a character together? Or would I just have to search for the character name and then click each doc to read them one by one?

Is there maybe somewhere I can find the answer? I checked the manual, but didn’t find anything. Looking to purchase the app, but I’d like to ensure it does what I need before shelling out the money. :slight_smile:

Keywords aren’t accessible via the iOS app. You can still create and assign them on the desktop versions of Scrivener, and they’ll be preserved when syncing to iOS, but you won’t be able to apply or view them on iOS. I’m not sure what strategy people may be implementing to keep track of characters, but you could put character tags in the synopsis or notes fields, and search will return with a list of documents that have those tags anywhere that’s viewable on the iOS version, as far as I can tell.

Note that I said “tags”, because you want something that is one “word” without spaces, and also that won’t be found in the title, body, or other fields that you’re not putting character names in. Searching in the iOS version is not nearly as sophisticated as it is on Mac and Windows, so it searches through most (all?) of the fields where you can input text.

For instance, if you have “Tyrone doesn’t know” as a title of a document where every other major player BUT Tyrone in the book discusses something, that document will still show up in a search for “Tyrone”. Instead, you’ll need something like “TyroneJohnson”, or “Tyrone_Johnson” or “Tyrone_(present)” or “Tyrone_(mentioned)” as a tag. You’d put your chosen tag(s) in the document notes, synopsis, or wherever, along with similar tags for other characters.

As to where you’d place it, I’d suggest somewhere that’s easy to see in a list. The synopsis can be viewed in iOScriv’s binder, so that’s a good choice; put the list of character tags at the end of the actual synopsis.

Thanks for the help, rdale! Would labels help? Or are those mainly used to track status changes?

You only get one label per document. I use them for POV if I write more than one character’s perspective, but it’s not useful for tracking all of your characters.

Hmm…ok. Thanks again for the reply. I wonder if keywords will be implemented in iOS. :confused: