Tracking connections

I’d love to have a way to distinguish between various connections, by colour for example. Some of my scapples get very involved, and especially when connections start to cross other connections or run across several notes, I lose track.

It’s something we plan on giving some thought for a future version. I can’t say for sure if it will materialise, but we have some ideas already on how to go about it.

It’s 23rd August 2020 and wondered if connections formatting was on the horizon at Scapple HQ as this would be the icing of the cake of a great program. I know there has been some back and forth with developers, latest I found was in 2017 with a fairly certain no and a disporportionately disgruntled user. Am fairly new to Scapple and Scrivener but am greatly enjoying the programs and have found them super useful, but my first draft mind maps are tending to be unwieldy (current project is 390 notes and counting) and would be great to have some differentiation in the connection lines if possible.

Along this line of thought, I would like to see a simple connection count for a particular note. It was stated that Scapple projects can get rather messy with lines overlapping notes all over the place. In my use case, I would like to know how many connections a particular note has. With what I’m working with, this would inform me which notes are the most connected and make it easier to make decisions about importance.

Basically, I am using Scapple as a brainstorming/concept map for some pretty complex processes and then using the resulting map to build a more robust mind map in MindManager. The flexibility of Scapple is invaluable for quickly listing concepts/ideas/things/etc. and then relating them with connections. However, I would prefer to not manually count the connections to a particular note…

Very respectfully,