Tracking daily wordcount statistics

One thing I really liked about the beta version was the ability to see my progress over time. Is that feature going to come back in? I can use project statistics to see my session goals, but if I write in the morning, then quit and go to work, when I come back, the counter starts over again - I have no idea if I’ve hit my daily word-count goals or not.


That feature was in Scrivener Gold, but it was all a bit awkward and never made it into any of the 1.0x versions. I’m afraid I currently have no plans to bring this feature back, either. Sorry.

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I maintain a spreadsheet for this purpose. When I quit for the day, I check the total word count of the “work in progress” and write the number in the appropriate field of my table. (If something happens that prevents an orderly check-out routine, I do it the next morning before I start.)

This is more than a workaround: The spreadsheet serves as a goal-setting and therefore motivational tool. It provides the working calendar I want to follow for the given project, and once that’s established, it’s easy to let the software calculate what word count has to be reached any given day. Plus a calculus that shows how much I am in advance or behind the plan (normally, I am behind :smiley: ). Every day, before I start writing, I consult this plan and ponder about which scenes or text parts will be the goal for the day. It’s in fact the center of my writing organization.

I post my daily word counts into iCal (a separate calendar with the name of my story), works for me.

Yes, and I look back to previous records to see how the present book is going compared to the old ones, and it cheers me up because I see that progress was slower than I remember back then. Also I have the adjoining notes that show that I was just as depressed about the old books as I am about the current one.

It’s like running: training goes better if you set yourself achievable goals.


It’s interesting to read about these habits. In my running days, I had friends who kept strict charts for their time and distance. Me, I just ran 10k in whatever time it took. Same for writing, now: somedays are long, some short, some in between or not at all. So, we all have different habits.

I don’t keep a progress chart, but I do have a sense of how much wordage is piling up: it’s there at the bottom of each Binder item, and View: Statistics gives a total.