tracking illustrations in document

I am working on a book with about 50 illustrations. i need to keep track of where in the text they are anchored, as well as which illustration goes where. at present i’m trying to insert links in-line in the text, and surrounding the links with square brackets to make them stand out. (I’m also using a figure number variable). my question is: what is the best way to make sure that at the output stage, i get a file that has clear links to the illustration files so that i can easily finish production by placing the right illustration with the right text? i have all my illustrations in the research folder as aliases to a set of pdf files in a separate folder of my mac. thanks.

I track figures and tables the same way, by using Inspector comments of a particular colour for each type, and adding a keyword that I can search for later on to collect all documents with figures or tables. So for example, I’ll select the figure and its caption, hit the Shift-Cmd-8 shortcut, and type in “FIG//” pasting in perhaps the name of the graphic and its caption—whatever is useful so that you can find what you want later on when looking at these in a list.

This works great because Scrivenings mode collects comments into a big list, and like I said before you can do a project search for “All”, searching for “FIG//” and get a concise list of everything that has figures to narrow down the hunt a bit. This suffices for me completely. A list of just the figure style comments would be nice to have, but the engine isn’t currently capable of doing that. We might look into filtering the comment list in the future—that’s on the list of things to think about for the future, and potentially saving the terms of that into a saved search collection so that you could create a specialised list that looks for documents containing a “FIG//” comment and then an automatically filtered list of these matching comments in the sidebar. But that’s all speculative at this point. Right now I don’t find it too much of a hassle, especially if you use special comment colours for these. It’s easy to scan down a list of comments and find purple notes, and collapsing all of the comments makes that even easier.

Just click on the comment to scroll the editor to that point.

Another tip that can help you out is that saved search collections, when viewed as a Scrivenings session (click on the header bar, beneath the tab list) can have the view locked. So even if you typically use Corkboard to view groups of items, you can make it so this collection always goes to Scrivenings when you view it as a group. To do so, change to the preferred view mode, and then click on the header bar icon menu, selecting “Lock Collection View Mode”.

thank you for the information. I’ll play with it.

For the future, my suggestion would be to add a new inspector “type” that could appear alongside either comments or footnotes, and perhaps be called “embedded media” or “features” or something. One could then have a selection menu within a “feature”-type comment for, for example, “figure”, “drawing”, “table”, “video” (only on active formats obviously), formula, etc. once there was the ability to create such features, it would be possible to generate specialized lists of tables, to have info about paths, to include comments and instructions to the graphic artist in production about scaling, page position, etc.

just a suggestion. i know it’s a lot. but it would be very useful for mixed media projects.

thanks again.