Tracking Time Writing

Is there a way for me to track the amount of time spent editing each document? I searched the user’s manual and didn’t see anything but wanted to check in with the user community to confirm.

Thank you,

Nothing automatic, no. You could of course create a custom column in the Outliner and, as you work through editing your project, note down the time you’ve spent on each document. (Oh, and welcome, Dave, to Scrivener and its forums!)

Scrivener doesn’t have any feature like that. Keith (the creator of Scrivener) says that Scrivener for Mac v3 will have a word count history feature, but hasn’t described it in detail. My guess is that it will keep a tally of words written on a given date, but won’t keep track of when during that day that you where making changes (adding/changing/deleting words), as that can’t easily be determined by a computer.