Trailing Spaces in Title Header on Folders Only

I have folders and documents at level 1 all set to the same format. It has # Section Title # set up.

Documents compile with the title enclosed in “# " and " #”.

But folders are compiled with two trailing spaces. "# " and " # ". (“b#bb”)
There’s only one format, they’re both set to it.

Ideas on what’s possibly happening, please? Is there a mystery setting somewhere?

Sorry, I’m not really sure what you mean by this:

"But folders are compiled with two trailing spaces. "# " and " # “. (“b#bb”)”

What does the “b” represent, and what do you mean with the hashes there?

It might be easiest to post a smalls sample project showing the issue.

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I’m compiling to MMD. Titles are supposed to be enclosed in # Title #.

Documents do compile that way. Folders compile that way with two trailing spaces.

Representing the spaces with b, this is the output one gets:

#bDocumentbTitleb# #bFolderbTitleb#bb

I’ll see if I can strip down my project and attach it later, but I hope this is more clear. Meanwhile I changed my splitter script to trim off blanks before trimming off the hash marks.

Thanks for your prompt attention. It is quite unusual and quite appreciated.

A sample project would definitely help, as I can’t think of what would cause this off-hand, so it is presumably down to some particular setting in the project.

Can I just copy the .scriv file of my real thing and pare it down? Does that work to duplicate a thing?

You might even be able to relay the problem with the Format all by itself. Try right-clicking on it in the compile overview screen and selecting the “Export Format…” option.

But yes, otherwise using File ▸ Save As… to create a temporary copy and stripping all content out but what is needed to reproduce it should work fine.

Tried to export the scrformat and load it here. It shows up as greyed out in Finder. Is it special? Can’t seem to attach it.

It’s just an XML file. Try zipping it, maybe your browser has a whitelist extension filter for uploads.

trying from home with drag:

Says “invalid file extension scrformat”.

Zipping … that seems to work. I’ll work on a sample project now as well.


R (3.72 KB)

And here is a project bug-titles. Note in the compiled output that the title for the folder, Testing the compile, has two spaces following the terminating pound sign / hash mark / octothorp.

Thanks! (344 KB)

Okay, the reason and fix is quite simple:

  1. Your “Use SubSection” separators are set to “Single return” for both “before” and “between”. When this is selected for MultiMarkdown, two spaces are inserted at the end of the previous line, and then a return is inserted. This is the correct way to force a single line break in MultiMarkdown.

  2. You are then forcing the extra line between sections for “Use SubSection” by inserting a return character into “Section prefix”. That’s not really for adding separators.

So, the fix:

  1. In “Separators”, select the “Use SubSection” layout and change both “Separator before sections” and “Separator between sections” to “Empty line”.

  2. In “Section Layouts”, select the “Use SubSection” layout, select “Prefix” from the tabs in the middle, and remove the return character you have entered into the “Section Prefix” area.

That resolves the issue.

All the best,

Dayum! My pal and I actually remarked about the space-space line break thing this morning but didn’t see how it could be implicated.