Transcribing audio from iPhone/iTouch voice memo

Hi there,

Trying to figure out if there’s a way to more easily transcribe voice memos recorded on iPhone/iTouch and then imported into iTunes. I understand that files cannot be imported into Scrivener directly. Is there a way to change iTunes voice memo files into a file type that is more compatible with Scrivener? Any thoughts much appreciated.


Which app are you using to record voice memos? I’m not familiar with any built-in tools for that, but I’m testing on an iPad and I know the built-in apps for that are different than the Touch/iPhone apps.

Otherwise, have you tried in iTunes selecting the memo, and using Advanced/Create MP3 Version? That works for music files anyway. Once you have an MP3 you can right-click on it, select Reveal in Finder, and then drag that into Scrivener (possibly deleting the MP3 at that point, unless you want two copies in iTunes, as Scrivener creates a new copy when you import).

You might consider Dragon Dictation which translates voice to text on the iPhone and iPad: … 46764?mt=8

Tom S.

If you look within your ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/, you’ll find a number of folders, including “Movies”, “Music”, “Apps”, etc. depending on exactly what you have in your iTunes library. I would guess that buried within there somewhere — maybe even within the “Music” folder — you will find a folder containing your voice-memo files. Those files should be playable in QuickTime, I should think, so you could import the ones you want into the research area of Scrivener … it might be safer to copy the relevant files to another location first and then import the copy …

You should then be able to play them in a second split like any other sound file while doing the transcription. Let me say, I haven’t done this for a file downloaded from an iPod/iPhone, but I don’t see why there should be a problem, though I have done a little of it with other voice recordings. And I have been thinking of doing it myself.