Transcription with Foot Pedal

I have an Infinity foot pedal (IN-USB-2). Does Scrivener accommodate foot pedals for transcribing sound files? Would appreciate a response asap; thanks!

If I understand this right… The footpedal gives playback controls for an audio source so that you can listen to the original source hands free while leaving the hands to focus on the typing.

I suspect that you could use an dedicated audio programme (usually one comes bundled free with audio hardware?) for that part of it, and then can use whatever you want for the typing part - Scrivener included.

The only wrinkle that I can see is that you’d need to be able to operate the audio controls without that programme reclaiming the window focus and therefore putting Scrivener to the back and interupting the flow of the typing. I suspect if this is a professional product (and a quick google search doesn’t imply otherwise) that would be something that they have built into the audio drivers of the hardware and any included software rather than being something that Scrivener can fix.

I suspect the customer support for Infinity Pedal will be best placed to advise on how to set up your workflow to get it to play nicely with other software.

If all else fails, you can always use a different text editor to do the transcription itself and then import the resulting files into your Scrivener project.

See also:

Note that my answer there was geared toward the Mac. The shortcut is Ctrl-Return on Windows. Otherwise the theory is entirely the same. If the foot pedal can be set to emit a shortcut sequence on the active application, then you’d be good to go.

Funny that two different people on two different platforms asked the same question in one day!