Transcriptions: Convert Audio into Draft Text

Guys, it’s 2014… Let’s use the technology at our fingertips,shall we…?

Send the source audio off to some web-app for (draft-level) conversion to text.

Yes, we’d need to have someone check it… but I’m sure the entire process could take far less human time, ie, if high-quality audio is sent in, & the conversion service is of similar quality, if automation were in the mix.

Maybe work-out a way to link Android or iOS devices (which routinely do this, on the fly, for short recordings) to the Scrivener box, & stimulate them to send & receive for Scrivener’s user.

But 100% Manual Transcription (except for legal applications, maybe) is unnecessary, IMO.

If not now, When?

My 2.2 cents…

PS While some may argue that professional (human) transcription services might not require such a (potential) time-saver, other users of Scrivener might save considerable amounts of time, ie, if the process involved the above-suggested automation.

I’m unclear on what your request is, for Scrivener to be doing. It sounds like you need to send an audio file to a Web site that you’ve found, but all that requires is your browser and the file, right?