transcriptions with LoopyLoop_Lite and Scrivener

I made LoopyLoopX as a standalone transcription software.
You can read everything QuickTime can read. You can insert timecodes and double-click them inside the text. You can set negative of positive offsets, etc, etc
you will find it here:

Before I falled in love with Scrivener, I made a special version for Mori (LoopyLoopLite), which uses external word processor. Currently Scrivener is not AppleScript compatible but most of my software is nevertheless useable.
Here: …

My dream is to have a scriptable Scrivener to make the best transcription/dictation/rehearsal software ever… :smiley:


Hi jean-louis, have you checked out this thread: … highlight=

As you can see, I want to add AppleScript support but am a little overwhelmed by the whole thing…


I’m not an AppleScript specialist but for Scrivener to work with LoopyLoop I’d need only a way to paste graphic or text inside the current document.
Perhaps also the opportunity to create a folder in the binder and a blank document inside.
In a first time of course…



once again trying to work with LoopyLoop I’m not sure if it is Leopard-ready. The interface is changing permanently when moving the mouse over it, maybe a hidden feature?

Is there a newer version? Are you still developing it?