Transfer Custom Icon from one project to another

I have a custom icon which I added to a project, but when I create a new project it is not available in the icon selection menu. I don’t know where the original PNG file is located, but since the first project is using it I imagine it must be saved somewhere. I would appreciate help in making this icon available in all new projects. Thanks. :slight_smile:
–also, I’m using Scrivener 3.0.3 in MacOS

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What will likely work best for you in the long run is to open up the project that has the icon, use Documents ▸ Change Icon ▸ Manage Icons..., and in this window, drag and drop the icon(s) from the project that you want to share with other projects into the other split. Now they are installed to your system, and will be available everywhere.

Wow, thanks. How elegant and simple. Works like a charm. :smiley:

This does not work in windows version. What I did was create a folder of icons or PNG files on dropbox so available to add to any project no matter where using scrivener. Note do not have to just use icon files, any png file can be dragged into the open icon manager and gets instantly added to available icon