Transfer Customizations to a New Computer

Haven’t been by the Forums for a few months – busy doing Barn Hunting and Conformation shows with my Harper Dachs.

Delighted to see that Scrivener 3 for Windows will be out some time in the coming year. Especially nice to see that the Compile has been re-done – what I saw of it in the blog article looks like it may be less crazy-making for me. Maybe. :unamused:

In the meantime, I have this new computer. I need to transfer my customizations to my copy of Scrivener on the new machine. (We take one computer with us when we travel; the other stays home. I also do a back-up before we travel, which turns out to be a smart move since we were rear-ended on our way home from the last trip, and our barely-broken-in Dodge Grand Caravan was totaled. Fortunately, I have back-ups of all projects!)

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere – I’m still dealing with a bunch of pain from the accident, and thanking the Powers That Be that I, my husband, and our dogs weren’t killed.

Edited to add: I found the Tools => Options => General = Manage to save my autocorrects and a few other things and successfully added it to the new computer. But it doesn’t appear to have transferred my additions to the name generator, my custom dictionary(ies), my pre-sets, or my Compile formats over.

Edited a Second Time (no answers after 2 days) to add: On a message from January 2017, I found the notation that the personal dictionary is stored here:
C:\Users[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\Local\Scrivener\Scrivener\wordlists.ini.

On moving to that directory, I noted it contained, in addition to the wordlists.ini, two folders (in addition to a couple more) labeled Compile Settings and Text Presets. Should I simply copy those to the appropriate folder on my new machine to get what I’m after, an installation of Scrivener on the Win10 machine which does the same things as the one on my Win 7 Pro machine?

Hmm, three months and no answer.