Transfer entire project to laptop?

I want to transfer my entire Scrivener project to my laptop. I put the folder on an external hard drive and tried to open it up that way on my laptop. But it was kind of glitch-y. Nothing was in order. And none of my text carried over. Just the titles and summaries. And all the pics transferred but not in the right folders. Is there a way to transfer an entire project to a different computer? Thanks for any insight.

It definitely should work to just drag the project file. Try zipping it before you copy, and see if that helps (or open the project, select File|Backup Project, and choose the flash drive as the destination).

ok. will try that. thank you so much for responding.

It sounds as though it didn’t all copy. A .scriv file is a package file - a directory with an icon and an extension - so it is possible that not all of the internal files were copied properly. The suggestion of zipping it up is a good one, as it will ensure everything is contained in the zip.

worked perfectly. thanks much.

Just a technical note…

Modern OS (of which OSX is one of the best) implement write caching (which Mac OS did way back in 6). This means that not all the data goes to disk the instant you copy, save, or move a file. Some portions of the file may remain in a memory buffer while the disk does other things, like read safari cache files. This is normally a VERY safe thing.

Now the problem comes with removable media. How do you ensure that you have written the cache to disk before you unplug it from the systems? You eject the disk in the finder.

While I am sure that we all eject disks (I assume wisdombody did this) before unplugging them, I figured I would take a minute to explain to the less technical “why” we need to do it.

Of anyone wants a much more complicated explanation let me know and I will bore you all to tears with a minor dissertation on the disk subsystems of the modern compute environment.

I would add to Jaysens comments with a small addendum. Copy the file from the “Flash” drive to the HD of the new computer. Working on a file directly off a “Flash Drive” is not very good to do and also can shorten the life of the “Flash Drive” exponentially.

PS: ⌘+c and ⌘+v work on files and folders as well. Also holding down the OPTION key ⌥ and then dragging a file will make a copy as well.

In other news, to see something spooky multiply 111,111,111 by 111,111,111

interesting. didn’t know this. Thank you!!