Transfer of saved searches.

So, I am in the process of transferring all of my data from one project to another (to avoid any potential problems that might have arisen from deleting all of those un-referenced RTF files). There are things that you would not ordinarily suspect are easily transferrable. Dragging keywords from one HUD to another, for instance! Bravo. One thing that does not go is saved searches. I understand this might be for technical reasons, but if it is simple over-sight, that ability would be handy.

Hmm… I’m sure I had a good reason for this, but now I can’t think of one. I have just enabled it for beta 3. It only took 2 lines of code to get this working, so please be sure to test it out when beta 3 arrives as this feels much too easy to me…

Thanks! I was going to retype all mine in a fresh file later today and you just saved me the trouble. It wouldn’t have occured to me that Keywords were tranferrable. Brilliant.

Aye! Add to the long list of subtle little things that make Scrivener awesome. :slight_smile:

While I’m fiddling, Keith, I wonder: is there any chance you could make the manual sorting of Keywords an option -or the default - at some point? It’s great that we can nest Keywords in the Hud, but must each level always sort automatically? Since I’m trying to use keywords, in part, to assign notes to particular Acts/Scenes/Beats, it would be great to be able to keep those Keywords in sequential order without resorting to scene numbers.

Again, just wondering,


Not sure about this one… It is based on Aperture’s keywords HUD in that respect. The idea is that keywords are something you would want to be able to find easily (ie. using alphabetical sorting). Will consider.

Sincere thanks.

Aperture shmaperture, you’re better than that! :slight_smile:
While I do see the logic, consider this: in a list of characters, say, doesn’t it make more sense to have your protagonist at the top rather than some minor character called Aaron or Aardvark?
In any case, no rush, scene numbers it is.


I considered this, but it is not much more difficult to find your character in an alphabetical set-up, and this makes much more sense for locations. Moreover, you don’t need to use your HUD to apply keywords. You can start typing them in the keywords table and hit alt-Esc for auto-complete. Though of course the HUD is better for batch assignments.

The trouble is that it would be difficult to have a Preference for this. If you set it to sort automatically, then as soon as you apply that setting, all of your keywords are sorted irreversibly… I dunno, could get confusing.

I guess the ideal for me would be just to have a manual default with a sort button for the alphabetically inclined. If they mistakenly hit the sort then they’ll have to manually rearrange their keys - no big deal. As for alt-escape it already returns an alphabetical list for those who like that sort of thing.

Guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this and move on.

Anyways, thanks for considering it. 8)

Hmm… Yes. :slight_smile: I would just break things down further, with “Characters” being split up into subgroups of “Major” and “Minor” - that way your major characters are still easily accessible.