Transfer Status Labels and Other Stuff to New Project?

I had a bunch of labels set up in my old project, with special colors, etc. I’ve started a new project based on a snowflake template. Any easy way to get the old meta-data stuff to the new project?



There are a few ways to approach this.

If all you want from the old project is the non-content data, and all you’ve got in the new project is documents and folders, then the easiest way is to do a save-as on the old project, open it and delete all of its content (then empty the trash), then select everything in the new project’s binder and drag it into the binder of the project you just created.

You could do essentially the same thing by saving the old project as a template, then create a new project based on that template, and drag into its binder the content from the old project.

Another, more granular approach would be to create one or more blank documents in the old project to which you assign all existing keywords, status, labels, etc, and then drag those into the newly created project, which will add those attributes to it. NOTE though that (as far as I can tell) user-created metadata tags will not be transferred along with the rest.

This is also how to get styles from one project to another: create a page with text that uses all the styles you want to transfer, copy that text into another project, then use New Preset From Selection (Format menu) to recreate them.

Thanks. I tried the granular approach, but got unexpected results (labels transferred to status and only one status moved over). I’ll play around with it some more.