Transfer Windows Scrivener Files to Mac Scrivener

Hi guys,

I’ve been using Scrivener on my Windows 7 laptop and have everything set up for my second novel – 11 chapters are written and all the folders and research notes are in there.

I just purchased an iMac and would like to transfer the files over from my PC. I gather that it’s not possible to transfer the license, but when I try to open the scrivener files saved on my external hardrive, it won’t let me.

Does anyone know of a way to open the Windows Scrivener files with the Mac Scrivener program without having to copy and paste the documents and create all the subfolders again?

Martin :smiley:

You should be able to open the project directly – see this thread where Keith says that:

When you say the program “won’t let me”, perhaps you could be a bit more specific about what you are doing and what is happening.

Another Martin.

Hey Martin,

Thanks for your reply.

I just tried again and noticed right at the end of the error message, it suggests transferring the file to the local drive. I did that and it worked just fine!

Here’s the error meesage in case it’s of use to anyone in the future:

"Scrivener tried to rename the .scrivx file inside “/Volumes/Elements/CURRENT PROJECTS/Kara Reyne.scriv” to match the project name but could not. (When moving or copying files, it is possible for the internal .scrivx file - a file inside the .scriv package - to end up with a different name to the main project, which is fine and perfectly valid; Scrivener just renames it the next time the project is opened. In this case your file system is refusing to allow Scrivener to do this, however.) This is most likely caused by a permissions error, or because the media on which this project is stored is not writable.

Try copying the project to your local hard drive and opening from there, and also check that you have the necessary permissions to edit this file. If the problem persists, try restoring from a backup."

Your hard drive is probably formatted in Microsoft’s NTFS format, which Mac OS has read-only access to. Any drive that you want to save data to on a Mac and on a Windows machine must be formatted for some form of “FAT” file system (stands for File Allocation Tables… a very old MS standard). If you want to edit files on your mac, you’ll have to drag them off that external drive and onto the mac’s drive.

If you’re going completely mac-native, then that’s the end of what you have to do. If you are still using windows, and want to edit files on both using the external drive as location for the files, you’ll have to re-format it in the FAT format. You can do that in Mac OS with the “Disk Utility”, but keep in mind that it will wipe out everything on the disk, so copy ALL of that data that you can to the local drive before formatting, then transfer it back to the external disk.