Transferred projects and Sync with External Folder

If I use Sync with External Folder and local File Transfer between iOS and MacOS, am I going to have a problem?

I was thinking I could use Sync with External Folder to keep an up-to-date editable review copy (via DevonThink or Notebooks sync) on my iPad for when I don’t have the sometimes 5-10 minutes required to transfer the project. However, I have been mulling over this paragraph:

Never select a folder which has already been used to synchronise another Scrivener project! In this case, “another project” can very well mean the same exact same project you copied to another computer but haven’t kept in sync using some other mechanism such as a cloud service or mirroring tool.

Does this mean that if I use file transfer and make an edit on iOS, copy the project back to macOS, the file is effectively a new project?

If so, what type of “other mechanism”—i.e. a “mirroring tool” would help in this case? (preferably local-based, not cloud)

Or is it better to just give up on External Folder Sync?

Or does this maybe not apply because iOS isn’t going to change the external folder data?

Alternately: Can I store my .scriv project inside a sync’d Devonthink database or other local Webdav server so long as I only sync it after closing Scrivener and maintain separate backups?

This should be safe to do!

That warning is aimed more at cases where one copies their project to another desktop, and the path structure to where the sync folder is, changes (for example, their user name is different) causing Scrivener to stop syncing automatically as a failsafe. One can then go and manually hook the project back up to the sync folder (that they presumably copied as well), and so long as neither changed in transit or after, that’s safe to do.

What is not safe is going on to edit the project for a bit, and then realise it isn’t syncing and try to hook it up. Because technically, at that point, it’s no longer the same project that created that sync folder.

The iOS version is completely different. It doesn’t even edit the project directly, but rather builds a list of changes that are implemented once you get back to the desktop.

The only thing I would exercise caution around is if the sync folder file is edited in Devonthink, and you edit the same exact binder resource on iOS, and then go back to the desktop and try to sync everything at once. I should in theory be safe, particularly if you have the default snapshot and iOS sync backup settings enabled. Worst case you can roll back or integrate partial changes to conflicted items as needed.

That’s just common sense though. If you edit the same text in two different places at once, the third is going to get confused when you say “make them all the same”.

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