Transferring a mac file to pc?

Hiya. I’m new to this forum and have a question. I currently have a scrivener project on my mac (250 pages in yay!) but my laptop is very old and I’m looking to replace it within the next few months. I don’t really want to get another mac and I was just wondering if it were possible to transfer the file onto a new pc? I’d buy scrivener for pc on it, but would the file work because it’s a mac file?

This is my first novel and I have to say that I love using scrivener! It’s so easy to keep track of all my strange ideas, even if nothing comes of them! I used word previously and I found that i had so many different documents going on! I had my manuscript, research, ideas, extra scenes I may or may not add etc all on different documents it was so confusing! I love that scrivener lets me keep it all organised in one place

So long as your version of Scrivener for Mac is version 2, then the scrivener project will be compatible with the current Windows version. Note that you can’t email your project without compressing it into a zip file (it’s actually a folder with several sub-folders and 1 or more files per entry in the binder). So be sure to use a windows-compatible disk/thumb drive to do the file transfer.

What RDG says … can also use a cloud service to transfer your Scrivener files.

NOTE that the functionality of Windows Scrivener is not on a par with OS X Scrivener.