transferring and workflow from Mac to Windows

I’m looking for your experience and opinions here. I’ve read the compatibility and dropbox knowledge base stuff.
I have been using Scriv for Mac for years and love it, but bought a Windows computer to run Dragon Naturally Speaking due to a disability. I have now added Scrivener to the Windows computer, and plan to write mostly on the Windows computer with Dragon. So…
This leaves me wondering if it is worth trying to run something like dropbox between the two computers, or is that a bit unreliable? Knowing myself, I won’t be really tolerant of dropbox changing formatting, losing words, etc. Would it be better to just transfer my files to the Windows computer…and write there. I read that compiling is easier on the Mac (is this true still?), so perhaps could transfer back at the end to compile on the mac?
As for how to transfer, I’m not sure–a USB drive? or is there an easier way? Does transferring with a USB drive cause the same kind of formatting issues that sometimes appear from dropbox?
Thanks in advance for any help!
Mac is late 2008 currently running OSX 10.8.5, Windows is from 2011/12-ish, intel i7 running Windows 7

I’ve used Dropbox for this with no problems whatsoever, provided the guidelines depicted here are followed: … c-services

Dropbox won’t change any of this, don’t worry. Everything will go smooth as long you keep in mind the interoperability concerns among Scrivener for Mac and for Windows. This article may be of help: … patibility

IMHO, compile on the Mac is way more powerful than on Windows. You can filter by collections, for instance.

Hope this helps!

Are your computers networked at all? IE share a router for internet access? If so chances are you can just drag and drop files from one to the other, you may have to enable a few settings here and there.

I’m not really familiar yet with mac networking, hopefully one of these helps: … -7-Pcs.htm … dows-8.htm … X-Lion.htm … d-mac.html