Transferring between 2 computers

Hi I’m a newbie AND a useless techie and struggling between transferring projects between my desktop and laptop. I’ve tried several ways - Save As, Exporting, Importing, saving onto my desktop and sending it to myself as an attachment via email.
I can then open my .scriv file, but there’s nothing inside but the Scrivener format (i.e. nothing that I’ve written, just the template I’ve been using). I’ve tried looking on the forum, the scrivener user manual and Scrivener for dummies but nothing works for me.
I’m obviously doing something wrong, but what? It’s probably so basic and simple that you won’t be able to believe someone is so stupid, but I am that person.
Please reply in very simple words as I really struggle with computerese.


  1. Open your file and then save it, just to make sure the file is really saved

  2. File > Backup > Backup To > and then save a backup to your desktop, making sure you tick the option to Backup as a ZIP file

  3. Close Scrivener

  4. Send that ZIP file to the other machine by email or USB

  5. Move the ZIP to the desktop of the second machine, and double-click it: this will extract the Scrivener file for you. You’ll probably see two files on your desktop: the ZIP and the Scrivener file. You can bin the ZIP

  6. Open the Scrivener file and work as you want. When you’re ready to transfer back to the other machine, repeat this process

An alternative method would be to use a cloud service such as Dropbox. Are you a Dropbox user?

Hope this works for you.


Briar Kit

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Hi Briar Kit
You are a genius! I read your reply, I understood it, I followed the instructions, it worked! Thank you so much.
As to Dropbox, I can’t say I’m a user, more it occasionally happens to me. Usually I shut my eyes, press a few buttons and cross my fingers. I get that it’s probably a better way of working, but it’s not an intuitive process. (Well, none of this is for me…)
Thanks again - you have saved me hours of frustrated weeping into the keyboard.
Best wishes with whatever you are writing.

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Ciao bambino
Vic x x x x

You’re very welcome.


Briar Kit

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