Transferring between Mac and PC

I need some ideas of transferring a scriv project from Mac to PC

I upgraded to Scrivener (2.8.1) for Mac (OS 10.7.5)
My colleague is on an Acer Aspire E1-5726676 (PC). Windows 10 Home 64 bit. She downloaded Scrivener 1.9.7
The two applications are supposed to be compatible, but she only gets blank pages.
I simply need a simple workflow (for her and for me) for the following:
I want to export my Scrivener file (daily), so that she can open it on her PC and work offline.
I could send it by e-mail (zipped), or uncompressed via WeTransfer or upload it to Dropbox
I’ve looked over various (complicated) documents on syncing via Dropbox, so that she can edit the document etc. on Dropbox. At this point, we don’t need that capability.

I’ve read that I need to sync the “entire” scriv project, not just the file, but I can’t locate such a thing on my Mac.

Getting no response from Literature and Latte. Any advice would be much appreciated

I assume you have the dropbox app installed on both machines.

  1. You save the project in a folder XX in your dropbox folder on your Mac (File -> Save as) which means you will have something like
    Dropbox/XX/projectname.scriv. Wait for the dropbox app to update everything (upload to the server)

  2. Your daughter navigates to the same folder, i.e. in Windows the Mac “file” projectname.scriv is actually a folder. If she click File -> Open she can open the projectname.scrivx file within the projectname.scriv folder. When she is done, she closes the project and check that the dropbox app has uploaded all changed files.

  3. You make sure that the dropbox app on your Mac has downloaded everything before you attempt to open the project.

That’s it. Simple! :slight_smile:

Note especially:
On a Mac you open what looks like a projectname.scriv file but on a PC you open a projectname.scrivX file within a projectname.scriv folder.

To sync projects between Mac and PC, you need to install the desktop client for your chosen sync engine on both computers. You don’t have to do anything special in Scrivener in this scenario other than making sure that your project is saved to the sync folder.

Say for example I am using DropBox. On my PC, I install the DropBox client and have it saving to the \Devin\Documents\DropBox folder. On my Mac, I have it saving to the /devin/dropbox folder. If I put a file in one of those folders (or sub-folders), in a few seconds Dropbox will sync them to the server and the file will show up on the other.

Once I have that working, I create a new Scrivener project (or copy an existing one) to one of those locations. When I see it show up on the other computer, I know it’s now synced between the two. On a Mac, this project is going to look like a single file named ProjectName.scriv. On a PC, it will look like a folder named ProjectName.scriv with a bunch of other files and folder inside, one of which is ProjectName.scrivx.

Now, I simply have to do the following:

  1. Ensure the project is closed on both machines.
  2. Open the project on ONE machine. If it’s the Mac, I open the ProjectName.scriv package. If it’s the PC, I open the ProjectName.scriv folder and double-click/select the ProjectName.scrivx file.
  3. Write/edit/change the project.
  4. Close the project on that same machine (this will auto-save it).
  5. Wait for my sync client to finish transferring everything in the project. The entire ProjectName.scriv folder should have the green checkbox (if using DropBox) or whatever other symbol is in place in your sync client to show it has been properly synced.
  6. Now, I can open the project on the other machine.
  7. Write/edit/change the project.
  8. Again, close the project and wait for sync to occur on both machines.

As long as you only have the project open on one machine at a time AND wait for clean sync status between both machines, you don’t have to worry about doing anything special in Scrivener.