Transferring documents between languages

Hello and greetings,

I hope this question doesn’t expose me as a dummy, and please accept my apologies in advance.

Would I be able to send Scrivener documents that I created in English to an individual I work with in Brazil, and they would be able to pull it up in their version of Scrivener but in Portuguese?

Is there a setting?

Or will they have to run my work through a translator (which is what they are doing currently)?

The software itself is localised in Portuguese, meaning the menus, buttons and phrases all throughout the software are not in English. Therefore the only point of potential confusion here is if you instruct them to use this or that setting by name. It’s often best to describe where the setting is instead, or to show a screenshot.

This has nothing to do with what you yourself put or type into the project, though. I’m not sure if I understand that part of your question. One can use Scrivener as a tool for facilitating translation—you can put the original up in one split and write the translation in another—if that is what you mean.

Since I work with a collaborator in China using Windows 3 beta, I can tell you that there are a few parts of the interface that always remain in the language of the computer that the project was created in … the titles of the menus at the bottom of the Inspector for “Label” and “Status” come to mind immediately.



Thank you for the help! :slight_smile: