Transferring footnotes from Pages


I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but I tried searching.

I wrote a massive document in Pages with 1000 footnotes.

I now want to move it into Scrivener, which I should have used originally, but did not know about.

When I import it, as an RTF or .doc, or using copy-paste, the footnotes do not transfer. With RTF/doc they become endnotes, but I want footnotes. I wish they would paste in with the footnotes attached.

Is there a fix for this?

Thank you.

Do you have a copy of Word or another .DOC format editor (open office?) available? If the notes get from Pages to Word format intact, importing to Scrivener should preserve them.

Note, incidentally, that Scrivener doesn’t choose between endnotes and footnotes until you Compile the output document. In Scrivener itself, they’re just notes. So if they are appearing at the end of the document, that means they’ve been disconnected from their associated text and are no longer recognized as “notes” at all. Which is obviously very bad if you have 1000 of them.


Thank you for the response. Yes, I think they are disassociated :neutral_face: I don’t have another editor but I should try that. I did try converting them to .doc but they must get lost in the translation.

Just to make sure I understand the situation, where are you seeing the footnotes in Scrivener? In the Inspector sidebar, or at the end of the document? Maybe a screenshot?

Katherine … .38+PM.png

At the end of the document

Hmmph. Yeah, something is happening to unlink the footnotes before they get to Scrivener.