Transferring from one computer to the next.

So I’m having the really weird issue with a current manuscript on my computer. Actually getting the work from one computer to the other isn’t the issue, but for some reason all prose is gone. Strangely enough all my background information is there but no parts of my story is present. I checked my first computer (the one I started the project on) and all the prose and such is still there, yet when I try to send myself the same information once more to my new computer, it’s not there. Any suggestions?

Can you explain, step-by-step, how you’re transferring your writing? There are a number of ways to transfer words from one computer to another, so trying to lay out all the possible ways all of those methods could go wrong could be its own “choose your own adventure” book.

So I’ve been using dropbox. Firstly, I upload the folder onto dropbox from my laptop then download it onto my desktop. From there I unzip the file and then open it in Scrivener.

So, you’re using your web browser to do the transfer? Are you quitting Scrivener before you do the upload?

If so, are you sure you’re downloading the .scriv folder and all its contents, and when you unzip it, you get that folder a few files within it (including a .scrivx file) plus a number of folders, each of which has its own folders?

In general, if you have access, I suggest you install the dropbox desktop software. That creates a Dropbox folder for you, and automatically syncs all files and folders under it on any computer you have dropbox installed on. It’s just easier in general than using the web browser to do the transfer.

If you don’t want to install the Dropbox software for whatever reason, I’d recommend using Scrivener’s Backup To command to create a ZIP backup from within Scrivener, and transferring that.