Transferring from Scrivener to Word

Hi There,

I need to cut and paste a chapter from Scrivener into a word document so I can send it to a friend to look over but there seem to be issues with formatting etc. More importantly, when I paste back the changed copy not all the footnotes etc seem to be there.

So can someone please tell me the best way to transfer text from scrivener to word and vice versa without having any issues. It would be HUGELY appreciated.

Many thanks,


Select the parts you want to send in the Binder.
Click on Compile, and choose Selection instead of draft, and choose Docx as output format.

Many thanks - is this for when pasting INTO a ward document or when pasting a word document BACK INTO Scrivener?

TO Word… The other way is tricky.

That’s the big issue I’m facing what do I about that? That’s the real issue at heart here. MANY thanks for this.

FROM Word, your best bet is likely to be the Import command, not copy and paste. You may also have more success if the file is saved in .doc rather than .docx format.


Many thanks, Katherine.