Transferring Installation to New Device

I purchased Scrivener some months ago and installed it on my then computer. That computer was at the end of its life and had to be replaced. Now when I use the installer I had from the old computer I get a warning that my trial period will end in 30 days. I distinctly remember reading assurances when I bought the software that it could be freely transferred to other devices in spite of the one-time installation. I don’t unfortunately recall the license code that appears to have come with the purchase of the software.

Anyone help with this issue would be appreciated. Thanks.


You can definitely transfer the licence from one computer to another (you can actually use it on up to and including five Windows devices you own, at the same time, never mind sequentially…): all you need to do is install the program on the new device and enter the licence number.

If you bought the program yourself, the licence number should be on the email receipt you’ll have received. If you no longer have the email (or if someone bought it for you), email support with the details of the purchase and I’m sure they’ll talk you through what to do.

This entry from the support database may also help: