Transferring my project to docx and then....

Friends, comrades, as most of you know, most publishers demand that the manuscript we send is as a Word doc. My question: I don’t use MS Office, I do have, however, Pages and Open Office.So what I want is to make sure the format the publisher will get is exactly the one I wrote in Scrivener, when I change my novel to Word, I want to open it in either software. And then send it. Is this ok? Also, which one Pages or Open Office, make the transition more smoothly? Cheers!

Anyone? Anybody?

I loathe Microsloth, and so use LibreOffice. It’s good for preview, but I don’t challenge it much—just straight fiction, no illustrations or tables, no complex header hierarchies, no footnotes, etc.

The real problem comes in those long comment conversations with editors. LO doesn’t handle this well, and I’ve never tried to use Pages. (I suppose I should since it’s free…). My usual method is to upload to Google Docs which handles them well, then export back to .docx. My editors have never complained…

On the Mac, I’d actually recommend Libre Office, which forked from Open Office in 2010. But either of those is more focused on emulating Microsoft Office than Pages is.


What Katherine said. I’ve tried both LibreOffice and OpenOffice within the past year, and LO is the more stable.

Thanks a bunch, Kewms and Silverdragon!
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See the end of this long thread for my Scrivener-Pages workflow (better on iOS than Mac):

The Scrivener to Pages, Pages to Word, Word to Pages and back to Word works fine for me, with multiple publishers, and from both sides of the editing desk. It’s a pain in the wazoo, but then so is track changes in general. I don’t bring the final manuscript back into Scrivener for final archiving until it is the final edited manuscript.